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The Board’s attention has been drawn to reports that NGOs are being directed to pay subscription fees to the NGOs Council or they face deregistration.

The Board wishes to clarify to members of the public, NGOs and other stakeholders that ONLY the NGOs CO-ORDINATION BOARD has the power to suspend or deregister any registered NGOs for violating the law.

The Board has NOT made any resolution in the recent past to deregister any NGO.

The Board wishes to inform all NGOs that membership to the NGOs Council is voluntary.

The Constitution of Kenya provides for the right to Freedom of Association which includes the right to form, join or participate in the activities of an association of any kind.

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The NGO week Organizing Committee is an ad hoc body made of SELECTed Civil Society Organizations and the NGO Coordination Board. It was formed to spearhead the activities of this year’s NGO week to be held between 16th – 18th September 2009 at the KICC grounds. The organizations represented in the committee include: -

NGOs Coordination Board, Undugu Society of Kenya, Action Aid, Poverty Eradication Network (PEN), Cordaid, Pact Kenya, Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC), Kenya Alliance for the Advancement of Children, UN Millennium Campaign, SISA Center for Corporate Partnership, International Rescue Committee Hope worldwide Kenya , Oxfam GB, Binti Africa,Plan International, A Global Public Healthcare Foundation, International Rescue Committee and Arid Lands Information Network.

The committee has opened an account hosted by Undugu Society of Kenya and will be accountable for all the resources mobilized for this event and will publish its accounts for reference with a detailed financial report.

Why the NGO Week.

NGOs continue to play a pivotal role in the Socio-economic development of Kenya. They operate virtually in all sectors of the economy including health, education, governance, environment, human rights, HIV/AIDS, Micro finance just to name a few and have strong networks and operations at the grassroots, regional, national and International levels.

To date, there are over 5000 registered NGOs in Kenya, directly employing over 100000 Kenyans and contributing approximately 80 billion shillings annually towards the economy. It is based on the above that the idea of the NGO Week was conceived to act as a platform to network, share experiences, and build partnership with others.

The inaugural NGO week was held in 2006 and has since been held annually and recorded good participation of NGOs from across the country.

The NGOs Week 2009

The NGOs week 2009 is organized against a backdrop of Kenya’s darkest moments that was the post election violence and this happens at a time when the country is beginning the process of reviewing the constitution, institutions national healing and reconciliation.

After the Post Elections Conflict, Civil society groups were instrumental in mediation talks and provided useful information to the Koffi Annan- led team. As the momentum for implementation of the agreements by the Coalition Government leaders picks up, Civil Society groups are expected to play a significant role in advocating for reforms around land, new constitution, electoral processes , devolution of power and resources and reforms of our national institutions such as the police force and the judiciary.

The theme of NGO week 2009 is derived on the need for NGOs to create a strong voice in the socio economic development of the Country through effective participation in reforms.  The theme Enhancing Capacity and Competency for Reforms

rallies CSOs, Development partners, Government and Corporate partners to play a substantial role in supplementing and complementing the government’s efforts to develop Kenya and to ensure that gains brought about by the development have a human face.

This year’s NGO week also provides an opportunity for the public to engage in some of the topics related to agenda 4 reforms of the national accord. This will be made possible through the different workshops and seminars organized.


The objectives of NGOs Week 2009 are: -

i)  Highlight NGO activities to other development stakeholders and the public.

ii) Establish a better working relationship between the NGOs, Government and Corporate sector.

iii) Discuss the challenges affecting the sector and how to overcome them.

iv) Provide a platform for experience sharing and identify good practices from within the sector.

v) Build a critical mass of CSOs who can play a key role in reforms


i) Official launch of the NGO Week 2009

ii) Media events

iii) Soccer tournament and match between SELECT NGO side and Bunge FC

iv) Discussion and Networking forums – on reforms

v) Exhibitions by over 200 NGOs across the Country.

The exhibition booth measures 3 by 3 metres square feet booth and cost KES 60,000/- (sixty thousand) for the private sector and KES 30,000/- (thirty thousand) for the NGO sector.

Who can participate?


Other CSOs e.g. Trusts, Foundations, Faith-Based Organizations

Private Companies

Government Departments


Donor Agencies


Individual Philanthropists


How is the event organized?

An organizing committee made up of persons SELECTed from organizations listed in the above categories meets regularly to plan the event. The secretariat of the NGOs week is at the NGOs Coordination Board’s Offices.

For more information, contact:-

The Secretariat, NGO Week 2009 Organizing Committee

Co-operative Bank House, 15th Floor, Haile Silassie Ave.

P.O. Box 44617 00100,Nairobi, Tel: 0726 000 193 / 0732 533 980 / 0771 253 600


The Non-Governmental Organisation Co-ordination Board, Co-op Bank House, 15th Floor, Haile Selassie Avenue.
P. O. Box 44617-00100 Nairobi, Kenya. Tel: +254-20-2213938/4044/4231/4487/4813/4821. Fax: +254-20-2214801. Email: