ICM Training

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Institute of Charity Management will hold a 3rd Joint Management training on 26th and 27th April 2017.

ICM aims at offering professional, world class training in charity management within the charity sector.

ICM is designed to offer training to charitable organizations, sector service providers and development partners to not only ensure compliance with regulations but also guarantee efficiency in and sustainability of charitable organizations.

The Institute of charity management is an independent unit of the NGOs Board established pursuant to section 8 (a) of the NGOs Co-ordination Act CAP 134 Laws of Kenya. ICM training aids in the operations of the Board by ensuring high compliance and better management of charitable sector through capacity building and training.

The target audience for the training includes both management and board members that are involved in the day to day running of NGOs registered and operating in Kenya.

For more information, kindly contact icm.ngob@ngobureau.or.ke or call 020 221 4044