Letters of Recommendation

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Requirements for a letter of recommendation
1. A Letter addressed to the Executive Director requesting for the recommendation letter. The request must be specific.

Requirements for a recommendation letter to open a bank account

1. Introduction letter addressed to the Executive Director (ED) of NGOs Coordination Board. The letter must specify the bank, branch and the signatories of the account the NGO intent to open.

2. Original full board minutes signed by all the registered officials, stating signatories and signing instructions. The minutes must resolve to open a bank account. The minutes MUST also stipulate the specific branch and the signatories of the account. As well as the signing instructions.

3. The minutes MUST be submitted within 14 days from the date of the meeting.

4. Processing fees of KES 4,000 per letter to be issued

5. Please note that all NGO bank accounts MUST have at least one Kenyan substantive board member as a signatory


NGOs are required to furnish the NGOs Co-ordination Board with the account number(s) immediately the accounts are opened